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  Welcome to the Water Resources Agency's "Global Information Web". The Global Information Web is committed to respect and protect your privacy. To better understand how we protect your privacy, please peruse the following in detail:


Scope of our policy

  This policy applies to the use and protection of personal information collected when using the services offered by this website. This policy does not apply to other websites that can be accessed via hyper links on this website.
  As the other websites are governed by their own specific privacy policies, this website will not bear any liability for your security while you browse those websites.


Collection of personal information

  This website will not collect any personal information when a user simply browses on or downloads files from it.
  In order to provide you the best possible interactive services(e.g. the Minister's mail box, Opinion box, Public Survey and Message forum), you may be asked to provide personal information while using certain services on this website.
  The collection of personal information on " Water Resources Agency's Global Information Web " is comply with our Personal Data Protection Act and other related laws, Collected data will be used for specific purpose and handle with appropriate measures so as to ensure individual rights are not infringed.
  This website will log the users' IP address, access time, and frequency of access to information. The information on the browsing and access activities of users is recorded for internal administration purposes so that the total volume of website traffic and network activity can be calculated. This information is important to the improvement of our services.
  You have the right to enquire and access your own personal information, request for a copy of your information, add or amend existing information, request to terminate personal data collection and removal at any point of time. All requests and enquires will be handle and processed by our Water Resources Agency's Global Information Web maintenance team(E-mail to Write to us ).


Information sharing and disclosure

  This website will not sell or lease your personal information to other groups, individuals, or private entities, or exchange it with them, except under the following circumstances::
  • Request from judiciary, supervisory authority or police authorities for collection of evidence of the crime investigation or other investigation needs.
  • The implementation of public power and grounds rules required by authorized government bodies.
  • Request for emergency aid and relief from public life safety related agencies (institutions).


Link to external Website

  Water Resources Agency's Global Information Web might provide network links of other external sites. However, our privacy policies are not applicable to redirected or link to other external sites. Please refer to the respective sites' privacy policies.


The preservation of personal information

  The computer servers hosting this website are equipped with a firewall, anti-virus systems and other security features. Strict protection measures have been introduced to safeguard this website and the users' personal information. Only authorized personnel have access to the system and such information.As None-Disclosure Agreements applies, any breach of confidential information will be subjected to legal action.


The use of cookies

  In order to provide services tailored to your needs, this website will read and write cookies in your browser under the following circumstances: If you do not want such cookies, you can set the level of security (located under Internet Options in your browser) to "high", thereby blocking all cookies. This will, however, prevent certain functions of this website from operating fully.


User information

  All data (including picture and document files) found on Water Resources Agency's website are copyrighted (with the exception of links and specifically denoted files); Users who plan to link to our website must first obtain our consent though e-mail(E-mail to Write to us ).


Supplementary information

  Please refrain from sending important personal data, e.g. ID number, via our website or email


Privacy Policy Amendment

  These policies are subject to revision