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Main Work Directions
Planning Section Overseeing all development planning, establish plan guidelines, and administer all aspects of planning process, etc.
Quality Control Section All planning covering construction engineering quality control and examination, and labor safety and health, etc.
Construction Section Administration of engineering work processes, soliciting of bid tenders, contracting process, clearance of procurements, oversight of water resource development and construction, etc.
Protection section Management the watershed, protection of the water resources environment and quality.
Facility Maintenance section Supervision of dams and peripheral engineering systems, safety management, reservoir anti-silting measures, evaluation of dam safety, etc.
Water section Being responsible for all aspects of water distribution, including adjustment, negotiation, arbitration and management of water use, and managing of water rights registration, etc.
Property Management section Inspection of real estate procurement and disposition of unused land, public land, management funds, adjustment and paying loans, etc.
Shihmen Reservoir Management Center Operation of the Shimen Reservoir, hydrological survey, and tourism development, etc.
Baoshan Second Reservoir Management Center Operation of the Baoshan Second Reservoir, hydrological survey, etc.
Secretariat Being responsible of extending to review, public service, and other ordinary administrative work, etc
Accounting Office Issuing annual accounting report, all accounting functions, as well as statistical compilations.
Personnel Office Management of personnel affairs.
Civil Service Ethics Office Seeing to that anti-corruption legal measures are followed.
First Company, Second Division The Seventh Special Police Corps, National Police Agency, Ministry of the Interior Security patrol of the reservoir and the watershed area.