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Introduction to Reservoir

Shihmen Reservoir is located in the middle stream of Dahan River that flows through Daxi Township, Longtang Township and Fuxing Township of Taoyuan County and Guangxi Township of Hsinchu County. The name, Shihmen, originated from the two peaks confronting each other at the river outlet.

Due to the steep upper stream of Dahan River that could not be used to reserve water, the residents along the riverbank and at the lower stream frequently suffered from floods. To solve the problems, develop agriculture and build water control projects, the government started the project on constructing Shihmen Dam in 1956 and completed the project in June, 1964. The project took 8 years with over 8 thousand people participated, resulting in a total construction cost of approximately NTD3.2 billion. The overall reservoir length is 16.5 kilometers and the surface area at full reservoir level is 8 square kilometers with an effective storage capacity of 240 million cubic meters. It is a multi-purpose hydraulic engineering that offers benefits in irrigation, power generation, water supply, flood prevention, and tourism. The project is divided into the dam, spillway, flood-discharge tunnel, water intake from intake well, power plant, afterbay, afterbay reservoir, Shimen Canal, and Taoyuan Canal inlets and other structures. The completion of the reservoir has contributed substantially to the improvement on agricultural output in northern Taiwan, industrial developments, whereas standard of people’s living quality and the prevention of floods and droughts are also improved.

Due to the recently increasing awareness to environmental protection, the Northern Region Water Resources Office attempts to meet water demand for livelihood, agricultural and industrial use by actively engaging in watershed governance, environmental protection related work, and the prevention of water pollution in addition to advocating the concept of national water conservation by cherishing water resources.


Scenic Attractions

Scenic attractions usually are taken from the nature, whereas the trees, flowers and plants are infused into recreation to cleanse your mind and soul thoroughly. Forget about your worries in the enlightenment of mild fragrance of flowers.

1.Pinglin Park
Pinglin Park is located near Pinglin Tollbooth, whereas there is a 3-story pavilion provided for tourists to rest. Tourists can also make beautiful photos on sceneries from the afterbay.

2. Xizhou Park
Xizhou Park offers beautiful and pleasant views as well as a rich variety of plant species. Other than the vast and spacious grassland for recreation, there are also a lotus flower pool, lover’s bridge, and exquisite pavilions such as the Wen Pavilion, Xin Pavilion and San Pavilion. It is an ideal place for group activities or family trips.

3.Song Observatory
It is the highest place among Shemin scenic attractions with broad horizons. There is one red-tiled octagonal pavilion. This is the best observatory to overlook into the beautiful Shihmen panorama, the jade-like beautiful items from Dahan River basin and even the Guanying Mountain far out with breathtaking sceneries.

4.Shimen Landmark – Spiritual Fortress
This classic tower is located near the Yishange and the top of fortress comes with an digital clock that offers time and temperate report. It is the spiritual symbol for Shihmen Reservoir.


Scenic Attractions

5.Monument for reservoir employees died in line of duty and the Rotary Pavilion
In commemoration of reservoir employees died in line of duty, a monument has been set up for recollection by later generations. There is also a rotary pavilion donated by The Rotary Club for tourists to overlook into the guaranteed pleasant and overwhelming views.

6.Lansheng Pavilion
Surrounded by the Maple Forest Trail, the pavilion is infused with an atmosphere mixed of bird chipping and maple fragrance. This secluded environment is also ideal for tourists to overlook the amazing views from Bici underneath.

7.Recreational Park
The recreational park offers sightseeing map, major activity maps, and field recreational facilities such as slides and swing chairs. It is an ideal place for family to spend quality time together.

8.Maple Forest Park
Located in mid-mountain, the forest park is surrounded by erecting trunk shadows with secluded atmosphere. During autumn time when the leaves turn crimson red, tourists can pick up the willowed leaves with glossy red color for their best memories.

9.Bayan Garden
Planted with Bayan trees for all-year-round greenness, taking a nap here in the afternoon to listen to the birds chipping in melodies or watch wild birds flying is one relaxing and enjoyable experience in life.


Scenic Attractions

10.Red Cedar Park
A long and narrow park behind the left bank of afterbay, the park is planted with red cedar trees, filled with exuberant greenness.

11.Amuping Park
Amuping Park is located on the right bank of mid-stream of Shihmen Reservoir. It belongs to the Zhentoushan ridge and is adjacent to Dahan River and part of the river terrace. The meander and clear water forms gorge as well as the grant and magnificent coastal sceneries, turning Amuping a famous place for ecological experience and to stay close to the nature.

12.Yishange Observatory
Situated in front of Yishange, the observatory is a spacious 1400M2 –platform that offers a broad horizon for tourists to stay and appreciate the lake and mountain views of reservoir as well as the best venue for literary performance. It is also an open stage for schools or groups to perform.


Tourism Service and Information

Fees, meal service, accommodation information, traffic information.
1. Consultation
2. Tourist opinions and feedback
3. Broadcasting service
4. Simple injury treatment
5. Outdoor guide for weekends and holidays
6. Brief broadcasting for weekends and holidays

Administrative Service and Emergency Rescue

Northern Region Water Resources Office, Water Resources Agency, Ministry of Economic Affairs
Address: No. 2, Jiaan Road, Jiaan Village, Longtang Township, Taoyuan County 325
Shihmen Dam Management Commission
Address: No. Huanghu Road, Fuxing Village, Daxi Township, Taoyuan County 355
Min-Sheng Health Care
Shi Yuan Hospital
Taoyuan Armed Forces General Hospital
Special Police Fifth Headquarters, Unit One
Special Police Fifth Headquarters, Unit Two
Shimen Police Station
Longtang Fire Brigade
Daxi Fire Brigade

※The Northern Region Water Resources Office has insured tourists to the park with accident insurance.


Four Seasons

Shihmen Reservoir scenic area experiences four distinctive seasons with different characteristics. It is natural theater that comprises abundance and variety. The naturally formed landscape and objects constitute the exquisite four reasons of Shihmen Reservoir that could not be compared by other regions.

Early SpringThe lake reflecting the exuberant green trees in far out mountains is surrounded by fogs. The clouds and changing weather add poetic atmosphere to this area. Tourists can overlook the sceneries from Song Observatory for a panorama of greenness. The mountain trails are paved with green grass and plants, highlighting the various blooming blossoms with a secluding and yet breathtaking atmosphere.

Summer DaysIn the earning morning of summer time, the sun rises with lights radiated and sprinkled over the lake surface. Mild breeze blows over the lake surface, causing gentle ripples that are quite eye-cathing. At dawn, the sun goes down and the Rosy-Cloud Pavilion erected next to the Xizhou Park offers a graceful appreciation of sunset.

Late Autumn In late autumn, the layer of crimson red maple leaves overwhelm people while taking a stroll along the Maple Leaf Trail is extremely romantic. When it rains, the entire place is covered with fog and smokes that are in contrast with the octagonal pavilion covered with maple leaves. Such cold and isolating figure particularly exhibits its unworldly quality and extraordinary views.

Winter In winter, leaves fall and the lake cools down. All glamour seems to withdraw as winter approaches. The Cherry Blossom garden still retains that glamour but adds some melancholic poetry to Shihmen Reservoir. Visit the prairie and observe the two trees standing in the wildness, drawing our attention with entangled and interwoven sentiments. Overlook the lonely Xizhou Bridge in the foggy world, one can perceive that seemingly tranquil and yet meaningful winter world.


Journey through the trails

Secluded paths between maple trees and flamegold trees provide refreshing atmosphere, leisure and fitness function.

Underneath the giant deciduous redwood such as the maple trees is the turning path trail that leads to seclusion and is suitable for leisure strolling or hiking. The leaves turn yellow in early autumn when there is a cold front while the residual crimson red sunset inspires the literati with different creativity. This is an ideal place for watching maple leaves in northern Taiwan.

Zixhou Park Trails Xizhou Park hills are crisscrossed with forest trails. Tourists can evaluate their own physique and take either the flat or steep-sloped trails. The ideal hiking trails lead the tourist to absorb the healthy phytoncide in a forest bath.


Recreational activities

Shihmen Reservoir is located in Daxi Hills with comprehensive vegetation stand and the ecology of wild birds. Moreover, the Water Resource Office also protects this area well and turns it into the paradise for medium to high-altitude mountain birds and aquatic birds as well as the treasure house for ground cover plants. The development in multiple flower beds, pavilions and forest trails are suitable for leisure and scenery viewing, which highlight the soft side from the majestic project.

Health and Leisure You can make your own choice between viewing mountain forests in relaxation or the health trails depending on your physique or different purposes. There are a great number of natural scenic attractions built with a wide range of recreational facilities for family of all ages to visit. These attractions are also the best place for school, groups or companies to hold outdoor field trips and group activities.

Bird Watching This forest contains abundant stands that attract a variety of bird species. In this paradise of bird habitation, there are over 120 species in records, including Gray-cheeked Fulvetta, Formosan Blue Magpie and Red-headed Tree Babbler, as well as other colorful birds. In particular, rare animal Blue-winged Pitta also breed here in the summer. It is easy to spot the nimble movement of birds along Huanghu Road, Maple Forest, Flamegold Forest and Bayan Garden. Tourists can fully relieve themselves from stress in the Great Nature of birds and flowers.

strong>Flower Appreciation The flours bloom all year round without ceasing. There are different flowers and foliage trees are found at different places during different time. Meanwhile, the vivid plant sign allows the public to arrange a knowledge tour on rich plant ecology.

strong>Flood Discharge During the typhoon seasons in summer and autumn, the reservoir water capacity is regulated to produce a galloping flood discharge and majestic momentum.


Lake Tour

Take a tour on the lake with breeze blowing through the surface, to overlook the panorama of lake views and indulge oneself in that mysterious beauty.

Tour the lake on yacht and experience the infinite charms of reservoir in person. The lake tour itinerary starts with boarding on Amuping Wharf to go upstream to Xikoutai Suspension Bridge or downstream the Dam Area. Alternatively, get onboard from the Daba Wharf to go upstream to Amuping and Xikoutai, while passing by Dawanping and Longzhuwan. The round trip takes about 15 minutes.

The grand lake and mountain sceneries of Shihmen Reservoir are compatible to Gueilin sceneries. To bring the tourists close to the mountains and lake views, experience the beauty of nature and take in consideration the care for residents living in flooding area, Shimen Reservoir Daba Wharf and Amuping Wharf both offer private yacht businesses in lake tours. Tourists are encouraged to purchase tickets and take the lake tour.

Yacht Fare Information

Fare Money Directions Time
Full Fare NT200    
Concession Fare NT150 Senior citizens aged 65 years+, Military/Police, Children between 120cm~140cm, and persons with disabilities Tour time: 50 minutes
Fare Money Directions Time
Recreational Yacht NT300   Tour Time: 1 Hour 30 Minutes
Full Fare NT200 Senior citizens aged 65 years+, Military/Police, Children between 120cm~140cm, and persons with disabilities Tour time: 1 Hour
Concession Fare NT150

Ticket Office: 8:00~17:00.


Traffic Information

By car
1. Connect to National Highway No. 2 from National Highway No. 1, heading to Taoyuan City (East bound). Take National Highway No. 3 and get off Taoyuan Daxi Interchange. Follow Provincial Highway No. 3B, passing by Yuanshulin and Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology to arrive Shihmen Reservoir. The total distance is approximately 33.4 kilometers.
2. Get off Longtang Interchange from National Highway No. 3 and follow County Highway No. 113, passing Longtang and Hakka Cultural Museum to arrive Shihmen Reservoir. The total distance is approximately 9.3KM.
3. Take National Highway No. 3 and get off Daxi Interchange. Take Provincial Highway No. 3B and pass by Yuanshulin and Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology to arrive Shihmen Reservoir. The total distance is approximately 13.3 kilometers.
4. Take National Highway No. 1 or vehicles from Taoyuan County Guangyin Township and Xinwu can take Expressway No. 66 heading to Daxi. Follow Provincial Highway No. 3B, passing by Yuanshulin and Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology to arrive Shihmen Reservoir. The total distance is approximately 40.5 kilometers.

Public Transportation
For use of public transportation, take Taoyuan Bus, TEL: 03-422-2047

Admission Fare for Vehicles

Car Money Directions
Full-Size Car NT300 Bus or larger vehicles
Compact Cars NT80
Scooters NT30  

Ticket Office: With the exception for winter time (November to the following April) with daily ticket office hours: 8:00~17:00, ticket office hours are 8:00~18:00 for all other time.


Local Cuisine

Live Shihmen fish is quite renowned for its spacious water from the reservoir and the water source originated from the clean streams washed and filtered by the mountain forests and rocks. The water quality is clean and mellow that incubates the fresh and delicious fish with exquisite texture. The diversity of preparation such as stewing, blanching, frying, braising, simmering all come with exceptional characteristics that can fully satisfy the appetites gourmands.

Local specialties such as the hakka dish, peanut brittles and tea leaves of Longtang, Shihmen ranch chicken, wild vegetables, Daxi bean curd, and Fuxing mushroom, are also widely recognized by gourmands.

Shop Street is near the Shihmen Bridge, whereas a whole line of restaurants and snack shops primarily sell local food and specialties, including fresh Shihmen fish, three-cup ranch chicken, and deep-fried stream shrimps. There are also unique snacks such as Huaishan Egg, deep-fried oyster omelets, and Daxi bean curd with exceptional savor for you to taste.


Recommended Itinerary

One-Day Trip
Pinglin Park Xiahou Park, Maple Forest Park, Rosy Cloud Pavilion Wharf (Lake Tour) Shihmen Bridge, Spillway, Hanjiang Pavilion, Song Observatory Yishange Information Museum Monument for reservoir employees died in line of duty, Rotary Pavilion, Lansheng Pavilion, Recreational Park Bayan Garden Maple Forest Park Red Cedar Park Choose one trail to enjoy forest bath.

Two-Day Trip
One-day Trip Taste fresh Shimen fish Amuping Park One accommodation in Shimen

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