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Lungen Weir

■ Introduction

       Lungen Weir is located at the junction of Zhudong Town and Zhubei City, about 1 km upstream of Ching-Kuo Bridge in the middle of the Touchien River in Hsinchu County. It was converted from the original Hsinchu Irrigation Association Lungen water intake. In addition to the supply of agricultural irrigation water, the main function of the head stream is to supply the water supply function of the Hsinchu area. It can also be used in conjunction with Baoshan Reservoir and Baoshan Second Reservoir to increase the water supply in the Hsinchu area and become an important source of water in the Hsinchu area.Type of Semi-Permeable weir, The water intake method is the Grille type behind the overflow weir.

■ Start using


■ Functional Efficacy

1. Public water supply
2. irrigation

■ Catchment Area


■ Main Dam

1. Type: Semi-Permeable weir
2. Height:14 m
3. Length:160m

■ Facility

Grille type behind the overflow weir.