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Ronghua Dam


    Crossing the Dahan River which is the Tamsui River in Fuxing District, Ronghua Dam was designed in October 1977 and completed in December 1983.The main facilities of Ronghua Dam is dam, secondary dam, stilling basin, spillway, and power generation plant. The purpose of building Ronghua Dam is to reduce the sediment in Shihmen Reservoir and prolong the service life of it. Besides, Ronghua Dam can also generate power by the differ of water head.
    Ronghua Dam is almost full of sediment due to Typhoon Aere in August 2004. The turbidity water is causing highly maintenance for the power generation equipment. Furthermore, the Baling check dam in the upstream of the Ronghua Dam had broken because of Typhoon Wipha in 2008, causing lots of sediments blocked by the check dam flowed into the Rongua Dam. For now, the dam is almost silted up and it is pretty hard to desilt since it was constructed within the steel gorge.

Start using

December 1983

Functional Efficacy

1. Power Generation
2. Sediment barrier: 12,400,000m3

Catchment Area


Main Dam

1. Type: Concrete arch
2. Height: 82m
3. Length: 160m


1. Spillway: gate-controlled-overflow. Designed flow rate is 7,010 m3/sec.
2. Sluice gate: fixed-wheel-gate. Designed flow rate is 49 m3/sec.
3. Power generation intake: fetch capacity is 31.63 m3/sec.