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Luodong Weir


    Luodong Weir is located in Sanxing Township, Yilan County, about 25 meters downstream of Waizaiwai Bridge. Construction began in January 2002, and completed in February 2004. Currently managed by the Northern Region Water Resources Office, Water Resources Agency Ministry of Economic Affairs.
    The dam facilities includes automatic lodging gate system of the rubber dam, surface water and underflow water delivery channel, confluence collecting well, operating machine room and generator room. On the right bank, there’s a stepped fish ladder, and a fishway is also set on the pier 1, to let the anadromous fishes passing and maintain the ecological environment.
    Luodong Weir mainly supplies public water and industrial water in Yilan area. The capacity of surface water is 200,000 cubic meters per day, and underflow water capacity is also 200,000 cubic meters per day.

Start using

February, 2004

Functional Efficacy

Public water supply, industrial water supply

Main Dam

1. Type: Automatic lodging gate system (rubber dam), including abutment on each side and 3 piers
2. Rubber Dam Height:1.5m
3. Total length: 407.1m, fixed weir:235m, Length of Rubber
4. Dam:172.1m


1. Water intake facility: It is located about 50 meters upstream of the axis on the left bank, and is connected to the surface water delivery channel. The designed water intake is 200,000 cubic meters per day.
2. Underflow water collection system: Daily design water intake: 200,000 cubic meters