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Second Baoshan Reservoir


    Second Baoshan Reservoir is located in Shanhu Village,Baoshan Township,Hsinchu County. It features an off-stream reseroir densign,and obtains excess water diverted from the Shang-ping River,which is a tributary of the Touqian River.The reservoir has a total water storage capacity of 32.18 million tons.
    Raw water is transported to the Baoshan Water Purification Fancility via a connecting pipeline approximately 6,500 meters in length.This pipeline includes three tunnels,two pipe bridges,and underground pipes.
    Shangpingy has a length of 70.53 meters and a height of 10.5 meters. It includes a gentle slope overflow channel, overflow weir and sand discharge channel. It mainly provides water sources for Zhudong Canal, Baoshan Reservoir and Second Baoshan Reservoir.

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Functional Efficacy

1. Public water supply
2. lndustrail water

Catchment Area


Main Dam

1.Type: earth dam with impermeable core layers
2. Height:154 m
3. Length:345 m


1. Drain Facility: Spillway is reinforce-concrete structure and consists of a overflow-weir and a chute with dentoid baffles.
2. Draft Facility: Outlet Tower is Draft design 6 cms
3. Effective capacity of the reservoir : 3147 m3