Main Facilities

Longen Weir

Diversion dikes made of rock piles were set to supply the surrounding paddy fields with water, however, the weir had to be reconstructed after typhoon passed.
To use the Touchien river resource efficiently and to supply the middle and long-term water needs of Hsinchu county customers , the diversion weir constructed. It built from 1997 to 1998, at a cost of NT238 million.

Primarily dedicated to meeting public water supply and irrigation needs, the Lungen Diversion Weir will work in conjunction with the Paoshan Reservoir and the Paoshan No. 2 Reservoir during the rich flow period to fulfill the need of Hsinchu area. The amount of intake water from Lungen Diversion Weir is 6 cms, which plays an important role in the Hsinchu area water supply system.