Main Facilities

Ronghua Dam

The Ronghua Dam is located in the up stream side of Tahan River in Shimen Reservoir catchment, where is 27 kilometers above Shimen Dam. In a precipitous Tahan River gorge, it is a major component of the greater Shimen Reservoir water collection plan, as it is able to stop sand, gravel and rock from moving downstream, there to load the Shimen Dam with a silting burden.

Work on the dam was begun in December 1978 and completed in June 1984. The project took five-and-a-half years and NT$1.83 billion to complete.

Aside from its main function of blocking sand from moving downstream and accumulating as silt in the reservoir, it also offers a high enough water head hydroelectric plant. The plant has an annual output goal to generate. 200million units of electricity.