Main Facilities

Shimen Dam

The upper reaches of the Tahan River,originally called the Takekan Creek, follows a very sharp descent, allowing for no water storage, whereas below the reservoir along the banks at tirnes dry conditions make for hardship. Work on the dam was begun in July 1956, and completed in June 1964. The eight-year construction job cost NT$4.85 bilion in all. The Shimen Reservoir serves a number of purposes, including irrigation, hydroelectric power, water supply, flood prevention and sightseeing.


The irrigation service area ncludes Taoyuan Hsinchu and Taipei,for a total of 36,500 hectares irrigated, which means it is a major contributor in boosting the agricultural productive levels in the areas serviced.

Hydroelectric power

Making use of the water impoundment at Shimen Dam, the Shimen Power Plant generates up to 200 million units of electriclty annualy, a vital contributlon to helping Taiwan's power grid rneet peak power demand while also boosting industrial development.

Water supply

The reservoir supplies water to 28 districts,hom to 3.4 million peop|e. This makes it a very important water sourceforthe livelihoods of the peop|e living in northern Taiwan, not to mention the industria users.

Flood prevention

The reservoirs main function is to obstruct or ameliorate the rapid descent rates of the rivers upper tributaries, reducing the maximum probable flood, and to protect downstream area from flood disaster, such as the Taipei floodplain, from waterborne disaster.


With 759.29ha catchment, its aboundant eco-diversity and magnificant views make it anideal spot for water related recreation. The setting undergoes seasonal transformations, providing a natural drama with change after change in backdrop, for a scenic area that is unparalleled elsewhere.

Ping-Iin park