Dr. Ming-Lang Chiang

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Dr. Ming-Lang Chiang

● Education background

Department of Civil Engineering, National Taiwan University

● Experiences

Director, Water Resources Planning Institute, WRA (2014/11/13~2016/11/30)
Deputy Chief Engineer, WRA (2012/01/31~2014/11/13)
Section Chief, WRA (2011/01/31~2012/01/31)
Deputy Director, Central Region Water Resources Office, WRA (2007/01/29~2011/01/31)
Chief Engineer, Central Region Water Resources Office, WRA (2003/12/15~2007/01/29)

● Future work

1.Execute “Desilting Tunnel of Shihmen Reservoir”, “Conservation of Shihmen Reservoir’s Catchment”, and “Backup Water Supply for Flood Period High Turbidity” to improve the functionality of Shihmen Reservoir.
2.Promote medium to long term water resources development project in Northern regions.
3.Maintain and improve Shihmen Reservoir, Baoshan Second Reservoir to ensure the functionality and operation of barrages.